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UTOPIA : 2012

The amusement park is the landscape of the modern American condition, where happiness is monetary and spirituality is the defiance of our physical limitations. This collection of work explores this new frontier of American culture, where the beauty of the natural world is denied in favor of an artificial Utopia. Yet this Utopian environment is flawed, an attempt at perfection that is in constant conflict with its surrounding human, natural condition. The imagery of this work epitomizes these commonplace environments as representation of our culture’s quest for happiness through a fabricated existence.


I have discovered a veiled loneliness amidst an environment of utter chaos. Whereas once I predominately focused on the physical momentum within the painting, I find myself discovering the more sensitive imagery of the human condition. In a carnival environment, all of our senses are challenged to act, all at once. My work examines our natural reaction to cope.


Byron Coleman writes, “(Collamore) includes a great deal of detail, yet skirts fussiness by virtue of her vivacious brushwork and strong sense of form.” (Gallery and Studio Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 5, New York 2009). By using the representational imagery as a catalyst for color, energy, motion and emotion, Collamore captures the visual and emotional chaos within this iconic American pastime.


(See more at First Street Gallery)

Dumbo's Dawn
Rock 'N Roll
Rock 'N Roll
Tree Museum
Balloon Bust
Toy Box
Swing II
Carnival at Night
Carnival by Day
Foot Traffic
Tea Party
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